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Renting CDs and DVDs

Go to DMM homepage and click the red button in the upper right corner of the page.
Enter your user-ID and password. Then press the red button.
  1. User-ID
  2. Password
Before searching for your favorite titles, make sure "DVD/CD RENTAL" is properly selected from the drop-down menu. Enter a movie or CD title and press the search button on the right.
Note1: Sometimes, you may have to enter Japanese translated titles for foreign movies. Here is the easiest way to find out Japanese titles.
Note2: For X-rated movies, click here for more information.

On the movie description page notice a gray button with the words "Add to Wish List". Clicking this button automatically adds the movie to your "Wish List". Keep browsing for more movies throughout the web site. You can Add 50 titles to your Wish List.

You can organize the "Wish List" anytime by clicking "View Wish List" button

To delete a movie you've selected, click the "Remove" button to the right of the title of each DVD.
You can prioritize the title by selecting a priority from a drop-down menu numbered 1 - 50, a 1 being of the highest priority to be shipped to you. DVDs will be shipped out to you based on availability and your selected priority level.

If you want to receive, film & TV series in order, check the "Series" boxes.
As DMM receives your previous rental back, they select the next two available titles on your Wish List and ship it out immediately.
After enjoying the movies, tear off the cover with your address on it, revealing DMM return address. Please make sure to enclose two DVDs and drop it off at any mailbox.

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