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-Unlimited DVD and CD rentals-
-Only 1,980 yen a month-
-Over 50,000 DVD titles-
-Over 10,000 CD titles-
-Over 25,000 XXX movies-

Over 50,000 Titles

Free Delivery

No Late Fees

Prepaid Envelopes

How it works

DMM is one of the biggest DVD & CD rental companies in Japan. With DMM, you can rent as many discs from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your door! There are no late fees and no due dates, and shipping is free both ways. DMM send you two discs at a time. When you finish watching or listening, simply put them in its prepaid envelope and mail it back. After DMM receives your disks back, they'll send your next available titles.

More Than 50,000 DVDs and 10,000 CDs Available

DMM has a wide selection of movies: everything from classics to new releases. You can also borrow porn movies without embarrassing yourself by visiting your local video store. As a member, you'll be able to choose from any of their 50,000 DVDs and 10,000 CDs! That's five times the selection of a typical video store

One Month Free Trial

If you are a new DMM customer, you are eligible for a free trial(Single Pack only). To avoid being charged after your trial period, simply cancel your account before the trial ends. If you are enjoying DMM, do nothing and your membership will continue automatically.

Plan Number of DVDs Monthly Price First One Month
Single Pack 2 DVDs at a time X 1 package 1,980 yen 0 yen
Double Pack 2 DVDs at a time X 2 package 3,880 yen 1,900 yen
Triple Pack 2 DVDs at a time X 3 package 5,780 yen 3,800 yen

How to get the most out of the service

DMM sends you two DVDs at a time and they send you another set after you return the first discs. So as soon as you receive the first set, simply make backups and return the original discs back to DMM . Using a free software, you can easily transfer DVD data into your computer and enjoy the movies as often as you want. For more information about this free software "DVD Shrink", please visit the official home page: http://www.dvdshrink.org/

This page was originally created to let my friends know how to use the internet DVD rental service in Japan. For more accurate information, please refer to the official DMM homepage.

Last Updated:July 1, 2006

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